Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The last 6 days were some of the most kick ass days I've had in a looong time! A couple of my friends and I headed back to Asbury Park and New York, with our trip centered around a couple shows: the Gaslight Anthem (opening bands the Good Old War and Pela), and the Bouncing Souls (Black President, the Loved Ones).

For Gaslight, we stayed in Asbury Park, NJ. I loved that place, we found an amazing restaurant called the Twisted Tree, which served delicious vegetarian and vegan food (with gluten free options too!). The staff was friendly, and apparently on certain days musicians played in a little corner. If you're vegan and in Asbury, check it out!

In New York I relied on a lot of nuts for my meals, but we went to a great place called Risotteria, which was a gluten free restaurant. Not a lot was vegan, but I ordered the same delicious salad I offered the year before, and once again I was not disappointed! We also were able to find some gluten free beer, which was a nice way to end off the trip. We also went to an amazing bakery called Babycakes. We went there last year, and loved it so much we made sure to go back again. One of my pals loves these cupcakes so much, she bought a cookbook, so I can't wait to reap the benefits!!

Here are the chocolate, gluten free, vegan cupcakes I enjoyed:

Unfortunately for me, I feel like a donkey is trying to kick its way out of my head, and I had a fever of 100degrees F last night. So I'm laying low today. But here's yesterday's quick dinner: my attempt at fresh rolls!

Just use rice paper (soak) and finely chopped vegetables (I used red, yellow and orange peppers, a green mango, green onions, and parsley). To dip I made a quickie version similar to the ones I've tasted in restaurants: something sweet, spicy and vinegary.

Here are the links to the two restaurants and Babycakes

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