Friday, March 27, 2009

Vegan Interview!

I'm sorry for the terrible picture, but if you can't tell, these are the Balsamic Chocolate Cookies I made a while ago. I didn't just make these for any reason, I made these to bring to an interview I did for a friend in a film and television program. He need to interview someone, and I guess he found it interesting that I wrote this little ol' blog here. The interview was really cool, it seemed like a REAL interview, there were camera men, an interviewer, producers, so many jobs I don't even know what they were all doing. I was pretty nervous, but luckily I had the questions before hand, and could prepare some ideas.
Most of the questions asked why I was vegan, how I decided to be a vegan, etc etc. It was a pretty cool chance to share some information about veganism, at least to the people in the room, so I hope I made sense and didn't ramble! My favorite question was "what type of animal would you be if you could choose?" This one made me laugh, as if all vegans want to BECOME animals ahah. But it was all in good fun. And I would be an albatross, in case you want to know. They're awesome.

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