Sunday, March 1, 2009


Chickpea and Spinach Soup
This soup comes from the FatFree Vegan, and it was called North African Chickpea and Kale Soup
I cut her recipe in half and made less, and also made a few alterations. I didn't have kale, or a cinnamon stick, so I used spinach and a pinch of ground cinnamon instead. That being said, the soup turned out delicious and hot, but not too spicy. I was pretty excited to use some of the spices listed, especially saffron. Such an amazing soup!


½ large onion
1 carrot sliced or diced
2 cloves of garlic pressed
¾ of a tsp of ground cumin
¼ of a tsp of paprika
1/8 of a tsp of cayenne pepper
1/8 of a tsp of allspice
pepper to taste
½ tsp of ginger
Pinch of saffron
1 bay leaf
1 pinch of cinnamon
1.5 cups of chickpeas
4 cups of vegetable broth
About 2 cups of baby spinach
Chop your carrots and onions
Heat a pan with a drizzle of a tsp of olive oil in it
Saute the onions and carrots until they begin to brown, then add the garlic.
After a couple of minutes, add the spices (ginger, bay leaf, saffron, allspice, pepper, paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper, cinnamon) and mix around in the pan
After a minute, add the chickpeas and stir so everything is coated.
Then, add the vegetable broth and bring to a boil.
Simmer for about 20 minutes, then add about 2 cups of spinach.
Cook until the spinach is wilted and mixed throughout the soup.

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