Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wheat Free Vegan Buttertarts

Mmm these are seriously good! I used Vegan Dad's recipe as inspiration, and only changed the type of flour (I used kamut) and nuts (subbed peanuts) I used. I tried to make them as gluten free as possible, but in case I've missed something somewhere, I hesitate to call them gluten free. These were so delicious! I ate three...but the good news is that they're mini (you could make them as big as you want though).
Here's the recipe I used!


  1. Kamut has gluten in it! But it's less significant than whole wheat.

  2. Yeah I knew it wasn't gluten free, but I know some people with gluten allergies can eat spelt and kamut flours...so I guess it's a gamble. I'm sure this could be made with other flours, I'd be curious to try!